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Dudhsagar Falls - An exhilarating rail trek in the picturesque Western Ghats

DudhSagar Waterfalls - From ViewPoint
Usually the trips we plan gets finalized at the last moment - making all the bookings a day or two before. But, For this trip we just changed the usual way. This was a well-planned one. We had booked train tickets and stay almost a month in advance.

We boarded the train from Bangalore City station. We had our reservation in Rani Chennamma Express till Londa Junction. We reached Londa Junction at around 8:30 AM. We had breakfast at the station - Vada Pav and Idli Vada - were only things available there. Then, we bought General tickets and boarded Chennai Vasco Express at around 9:00 AM. We reached Castle Rock at around 10:00 AM.

At Bangalore CIty Railway Station
Bon Voyage - @Bangalore City Railway Station
We started our expedition From Castle Rock at around 10:30 AM. Weather was awesome - drizzling with cool breeze. View was awesome all the way - full of Jungles, Mountains, small and big waterfalls. The rail trek was an ultimate experience amidst the beautiful Western Ghats.

Londa Junction
Londa Junction - Interesting Name BTW

Castle Rock Railway Station
Castle Rock - Rail Trek Starts Here
Abandoned Walls - Castle Roack
Abandoned Walls - Castle Rock
Stay Safe From These Moving Creatures
Stay Safe From These Moving Creatures

Tunnels On the Way
Tunnels On the Way - Standing Still Through the Times
The rail trek is full of stones from the start till the end, So my suggestion would be to wear a good trekking shoe if you are going for this trek. We reached Dudhsagar Waterfalls at around 4:00 PM. It's about 14 KM from Castle Rock to Dudhsagar, but you will never feel tired if the weather is good and It was good for us. After reaching to the waterfall you have to trek around a kilometre to reach the view-point.

Dudhsagar Waterfalls - Not at its Best
Dudhsagar Waterfalls - Not at its Best Though
DudhSagar Waterfalls - From ViewPoint
DudhSagar Waterfalls - From ViewPoint
We continued our trek even after the view-point instead of returning to Dudhsagar. We trekked till the Sonaulim Station and then boarded another train and reached Kulem. That's another interesting story how we boarded the train in Sonaulim. We had booking in Dudhsagar Spa Resort which is around 6 KM from Kulem. Then, we booked a cab from Kulem Station and reached there.

Cottage - Dudhsagar Spa Resort, Mollem
Cottage - Dudhsagar Spa Resort, Mollem
It's a nice place to stay. We stayed in tents. Tents were good & well maintained. Food was good, they had a dancing floor as well along with the bar/restaurant. Overall our stay was good at the resort. Resort has Spa and other activities as well but, with extra charges. We didn't had much time to check them out.

Next Day, we went to Tambdi Surla Mahadev Temple, which is around 20 KMs from the Dudhsagar Spa Resort. We returned Bangalore in the same train which we boarded from Londa Junction at 8:00 PM.

Tambdi Surla Mahadev Temple
Tambdi Surla Mahadev Temple
We all enjoyed the trip and the rail trek was an awesome experience. Checkout some more pics on Tripoto.


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